Starkers at The Glory: Warrior

Warrior x 3.jpg

Releasing The Warrior

The WARRIOR was released at The Glory. With an enthusiasm for fantasy, we presented Frank Frazetta realness, replete with short sword, talisman and true grit.

The first half was punctuated with a series of 2- and 5-minute poses, where drawers could capture the most dynamic poses, all inspired by Frazetta illustrations on the warrior theme.  10- and 15-minutes poses brought us to the break, after which artists were treated to a fresh set of 5-minute dynamic poses then 10- and 20-minute stances. 

Artists’ diverse styles were on display, a constant theme week-on-week, with a mixture too of skill and mediums.  Self-taught artists and more experienced life drawing enthusiasts spent time afterwards appreciating approaches so distinct from their own: how someone here captured a subtle shape in shadow and another an almost-movement somewhere else, how one person worked in colour pastels and another in chalk on black with minimal lines.