Starkers at The Glory: The Princess Girly Doll Show


Dolls / Dildos / Disruption

Dolls and dildos disrupted the pink pageant of girlhood with THE PRINCESS GIRLY DOLL SHOW at The Glory. With a palette from pastel to Pepto Bismol, artist and model Lidia surrounded herself with over-sized soft toys, headless Barbies, a sturdy dildo, various wigs and a menacing saw.

Lidia began with two-minute poses that brought her from tutu-touting ballerina to naked woman amid a sea of girly detritus. She brandished a beautifully coiffed wig like Perseus holding aloft the head of Medusa; she hugged a four-foot blow-up penis; she vomited streams of purple flowers.

With so many props to draw, we moved straight into longer poses, finishing with a 20-minute and 25-minute session. As always, styles varied hugely and everyone was generous in showing their work and praising others. Lidia attracted much of the praise for her provocative and entertaining set.

Befitting a night that challenged the girlhood stereotype, we were delighted to welcome Alexandra Penelope and Lucy Mills of Queerly Beloved. They introduced a screening of their short film Not Every Princess Needs a Prince, a Disney mash-up deliciously queering the archetypal heroine.