The Starkers Academy

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Ever wanted to model, but not known where to start? The Starkers Academy is for you!

Coached by our very own Roy Joseph Butler, we give you the stage in front of a live audience of artists. This is no art school atelier, but a creative moment for you to explore your own identity and celebrate the human body in all its diversity.

After an initial chat, you are invited to join a Figuration event as our guest so you can meet us and others in the community. For the night itself, we aim to divide the time between you and another new model so you can learn from each other as well as us. Unlike some, we don't charge students for the Academy, nor do we pay a fee. But if you can't wait to do it again, we'll help you establish your presence in the life modelling community. We have successfully secured paid work for all the Academy graduates who have put themselves out there, either with us or by recommending you to the many art schools and groups we know.

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Graduates of the Starkers Academy