Masterclass in British Animation


From the Age of Invention to diverse voices today, we brought our half-day masterclass back to the the University of Sussex. 

In this three-hour masterclass, Figuration Director and award-winning animator Leo Crane explores 200 years of animation history. Devised for the University of Sussex International Summer School, he delves into the international careers of key individuals and studios, from globe-trotting Victorians to the influx of foreign talent in the 1930s and today's global VFX industry.

A well thought out, well structured, entertaining presentation, with crucial information on the history of and reason for animation. A masterful Masterclass which emboldened the student response!
— Sussex University International Summer School
The animation masterclass really made me think about how each generation takes up the knowledge of the previous and makes their own way.
I was so much involved with it that I thought I should make my career in animation.