Kiki Mellék's Starkers Academy

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‘Mellekia’s top Professor of Art’

Ooohoo Darlings, it’s me, Kiki! I’ll be teaching you how to truly appreciate the human form with my two, sparkling new models - that’s right you’ll be drawing them in the nudey Bibshkis!
— Kiki Mellék

We launched into the New Year with our first performance life drawing event at The Glory: a special edition of the Starkers Academy, hosted by ‘Mellékia’s top Professor of Art’.

Ever wanted to model, but not known where to start? The Starkers Academy is for you! This time, we invited performer Kiki Mellék to guest host the Academy, bringing her own brand of life-affirming resolutions. Two new models, David and Nicci, took to the stage in front of a live audience of artists with Kiki’s body-positive advice. Far from an art school atelier, this was a creative moment to explore identity and celebrate the human body in all its diversity.

The audience of artists - novices side-by-side with professionals - got to discover raw talent and two new faces (and bodies) in the life drawing community. They also enjoyed Kiki’s unforgettable lesson in art history.

Look out for David and Nicci as they join the stars of previous Academies as professional life models at large. And look out for Kiki as she enthralls audiences across the country.

Materials kindly sponsored by Great Art

photos: Fano Xenofós (2019)

photos: Fano Xenofós (2019)