The story of our creative community starts with the story of our founders.  Leo and Roy met at a London life drawing group in 2013.  Leo was there to draw and Roy was there as artists’ model.  From acquaintances they quickly became artistic collaborators by virtue of Roy’s life subject and Leo’s animation prowess. In 2016, Figuration was born.

Leo and Roy launched the exuberant Starkers Life Drawing Events and began incorporating Leo’s 2013 enterprise London Animation into the mix. With these in place, the creative community that is Figuration could blossom.

Because the figurative arts should be accessible and inspirational to so many…  Because life drawing isn’t just one thing…  Because the art of animation can express so much…  Because of all these things and more Figuration exists as a place to engage new audiences in the figurative arts, nurture visionary artistic partnerships and help realise the creative potential of everyone.