I can’t draw.  Is this for me?

Our events are social occasions for all abilities, when you can sit back and enjoy capturing the nude form in your own creative style without pressure or competition.  For 1-hour events, the model doubles as host (unless a tutor has been requested) and will take you through a short series of warm-ups to start.  For 1.5-hour events, a tutor is always on hand to host and offer guidance, including techniques to assist in mark making and to help you to feel more free with drawing.  The first 30 minutes is dedicated to exercises to encourage a relaxed, exuberant environment.   

Is it possible to arrange an event for fewer than 10 people?

Absolutely!  And we can adjust rates accordingly.  Please specify the potential number of people when you book.

What is the largest number of people I can have?

There is no limit.  And we will always discuss your needs with you in advance.  With larger groups of up to we may recommend an additional model and/or tutor to ensure everyone gets a chance to draw without their views being obstructed and is getting the guidance they need, and we always consider your space and whether it may accommodate your numbers.  Otherwise, the more the merrier!  

Are models always nude?

Life models are typically nude; however, if you prefer a clothed model please specify this and any related requirements on booking.  We are able to work to a range of themes and concepts.

May I request a model?

We work with a wide range of professional models and tutors, and each event is tailored to your needs in consideration of the skills, abilities, qualities and characteristics our teams bring, not to mention your own requests.  Though we lack the facility for you to choose exactly who you want on the day we will certainly work with you to ensure the model/tutor team offer up an amazing, exuberant time for your special moment.

Can I choose the venue and how do I know if it’s suitable?

We offer a mobile service and design our workshops to come to you.  However, if you would like us to provide the venue simply let us know and we’re on it.

Is it possible to arrange something at short notice?

Get in touch and let’s see what’s possible!  Depending on the speed at which we can procure materials and get them to you or your venue we can work flexibly to make your event happen.

Are there any other costs I should factor in?

We do our utmost to be as transparent as possible, but as a bespoke service, extra things may come to light as we discuss your event. For example, if your venue is not easily accessible by public transport, we may need to charge for a taxi. We will make sure all this is agreed before confirming your booking.

What if I only want an hour’s life drawing instead of the standard 1.5 hours?

We can arrange shorter events on request; however, the rates remain the same.

What are our deposit and cancellation policies?

Once the deposit is taken this confirms your booking.  The deposit is 50% of the total booking, which includes a non-refundable £20 admin fee. The remainder of the deposit is refundable up to 14 days before your event.  

Cancellations can happen at any time.  If this occurs up to 14 days before your event your deposit is non-refundable.  In the event we have procured a venue for your event extra fees many apply in the event of a cancellation, but these and other details would be shared with you with enough notice to ensure you have the opportunity to make any and all decisions necessary for your event.

How and when do I make payments?

We will email you separate invoices for the deposit and for the balance, both including our account details for direct debit payments.  Once the deposit is paid your booking is confirmed and we will send you a confirmation email.  The balance invoice is sent upon receipt of your deposit and is due before your event.   We are unable to accept cash or cheque payments.

May I have a refund if fewer people turn up than expected?

Due to the need to procure the right amount of materials and dispatch these to the venue or tutor, we are typically unable to accommodate changes in the number of participants.  That said, emergencies do happen, and if this is the case don’t hesitate to contact the Figuration team at the soonest at hello@figuration.co and we’ll see what’s possible.

I think more people are coming than I had planned.  May I increase numbers?

We want to ensure the right amount of materials get to you in advance of the event, that the venue can manage the increased numbers and that our team are aware of the change, this way you get the best experience possible.  If you’d like to add to your numbers contact the Figuration team at the soonest and let’s see what we can do.