I was so much involved with it that I thought I should make my career in animation

A History of British Animation is a chronological and thematic exploration of animation in the UK, presented by award-winning animator and animation researcher Leo Crane. Richly illustrated with film clips, Leo brings alive the stories behind the diverse industry we know today. The masterclass was originally developed for the University of Sussex.

From the scientific discoveries of the Victorian age to contemporary social commentary, the masterclass explores:

  • The Age of Invention: Animation Before Film
  • Youthful Experiments: Entertainment and Advertising
  • The Art of Information: General Post Office Unit
  • Coming of Age: the First Features
  • Family Time: Children’s Animation
  • Radical Reinvention: Channel 4
  • The Allure of the New: Games, VFX and the Digital Revolution
  • Diverse Voices: Animation Today

Leo Crane is Director of Figuration, a creative community for animation and life drawing. He co-founded Figuration in 2016 after several years at the helm of London Animation Studio. He graduated from Bournemouth University with an MA (Distinction) in 3D Computer Animation. He previously graduated from Oxford University with a BA (Hons) and MA (Hons) in Classics. He lives in London.


“The animation masterclass really made me think about how each generation takes up the knowledge of the previous and makes their own way. Leo Crane beautifully summed this up by taking us step by step through all kinds of animations.”
“We were lucky enough to participate in a masterclass on British animation. Leo knew SO MUCH about the history and different types of animation.”
“We had an interesting lecture by the award-winning animator Leo Crane. I was so much involved with it that I thought I should make my career in animation.”