Meet Our Partners: Figuration
Louise Chuter for Great Art
Profile piece on Figuration announcing partnership with Great Art
31 August 2018

Naked in Front of a Room of Strangers
Gareth Johnson for Medium
Feature article on the Starkers Academy including interviews with first-time models
16 June 2018

How To Celebrate Pride in London
Country & Town House
Top 5 events at Pride in London 2018, including Figuration's Queer Nude in Perspective at RIBA
14 June 2018

Artists Open Their Doors
Elizabeth Rust for The Dulwich Diverter
Article and photoshoot for Dulwich Festival 2018 featuring Figuration's Open House
17 May 2018

These LGBTI people stripped naked to celebrate their (extra)ordinary bodies
Gay Star News for Digital Pride
Article and film about body positivity featuring Roy Joseph Butler
27 April 2018

Celebrating the Art of the Human Form
Gareth Johnson for Medium
A guide to life drawing: feature interview with Roy Joseph Butler and Leo Crane
14 April 2018

The Arts Show with Anneka Rice
Anneka Rice for BBC Radio 2
Inside Maggi Hambling's studio: feature interview with Roy Joseph Butler
22 March 2018

This Is How To Celebrate PRIDE in London
Glamour Magazine
3 July 2017

26 Great Things To Do in London This Week
Time Out London
15 May 2017

Mirror Doesn't Love You Like This
Jessie Parsons
Documentary on being a life model featuring Roy Joseph Butler and Carla Tofano