Nude Triumphant

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face to face with Time

In the relentless city, Jay stumbles on the Starkers Academy and comes face to face with Time.

Jay rushes to get ready for another frantic day. Armoured against the sights and sounds of the City, he races against time until a chance encounter knocks him off course. He is propelled into a strange watercolour world: The Starkers Academy. Here three Nudes reveal their truth and an enigmatic Professor directs time. But will Jay dare to expose himself in order to find the clarity and connection he seeks? Time will tell. 

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About the project

Drawn from the real experience of life models, Nude Triumphant tells a story of finding calm in a relentless existence and learning to appreciate our own unique identities. A vibrant watercolour animation, it combines painting from life with experimental digital techniques.

This short animated film is at the heart of a collaborative, cross-artform celebration of identity, including live performances, exhibitions, screenings, talks and public workshops. It will launch Sunday 17 May 2020 with The Starkers Academy Ball, a one-night-only event in the Brighton Fringe Festival in partnership with The Latest. Nude Triumphant is designed to encourage people to reflect on how we can achieve healthy relationships with ourselves, our bodies and time.

The team

JAY - Roy Joseph Butler
THE PROFESSOR - Joanna Calderwood
EMM - Maya Williams
MAT - Matthew Oghene
VEE - Valentina Rock

DIRECTOR - Leo Crane

PRINCIPAL WRITER - Roy Joseph Butler

CONTRIBUTING WRITERS - Joanna Calderwood & Maya Williams
SCRIPT EDITORS - Leo Crane & Patrick Yates

ANIMATION - Leo Crane, Haemin Ko, Patrick Yates & Aaron Jacob Jones

SOUND DESIGN - Andy Humphreys
MUSIC - Andrew Hayes

PRODUCER - Abigail Addison/Animate Projects