An Open Door to Art

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When we connect with art, we are connecting with a story. This could be a narrative told in a figurative scene, or perhaps it is the story of the artist and the impetus to create. It could also be your story: the moment you discovered a work, transforming it into your memory of a place, a mood, a moment.

When artists open their studios and homes, these stories abound. Entering these private spaces can fire the imagination, fuelled by glimpses of the life in which art is created. Without the formality of a gallery or the fixed narrative of an exhibition, it feels honest and open, an invitation for you to join the story.

It is also an opportunity to discover a creative community and the energy that can shape a neighbourhood. Even in areas you know well, you can find yourself off the beaten track, down a side street you never knew existed or behind a façade you had barely noticed. These experiences can enrich your sense of place for years to come.

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Over the next four weekends, you have an opportunity to experience this for yourself as Southeast London throws open its doors. We kick off with the first ever Crystal Palace Artists’ Open House (27/28 April and 4/5 May), followed by Dulwich Festival, one of London’s most established open house events (11/12 & 18/19 May). Figuration will be part of both and we hope you will join us.

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