Animated Inspiration

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Lego Stop Motion

4-day animation workshop for 9-15 years

Learning is for the young and the old and everyone in between. Storytelling is the preserve and gift of everyone.

This summer, young people, and a few adventurous adults, in the London Borough of Barnet learned stop motion animation, creating fantastical stories using just the power of their imaginations, expert instruction...and loads and loads of Lego! 

During the 4-day Lego Stop Motion Animation Workshop at Finchley Youth Centre in late July, commissioned by Barnet Youth, young people aged 9-15 produced films from scratch, scripting, storyboarding, set building and photographing their way to bespoke animated micro-shorts. Not-so super heroes was the theme, with incredible interpretations of the Flash as fashion photographer extraordinaire, War Machine as fireman, even your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man as the unlikely cause of Venom.

In a separate 1-day family workshop with Barnet Youth, adults and young people worked together to create highly collaborative Lego stop motion animated micro-shorts. In just a few hours, participants produced imaginative moving-image films incorporating brief, engaging narratives, from the thrill of the chase and hero cyborgs, to haunted set pieces and the demise of a fallible Incredible Hulk.

Participants celebrated with friends, family and each other at post-workshop screenings of everyone’s films.

As a social enterprise, Figuration is committed to championing creative communication and experimental thinking, and nurturing the skills and talents of people of all backgrounds and abilities. Working with the local communities of Barnet, and across London, has meant engaging new audiences with the wonders of storytelling and the creative processes that bring those stories to life and allow for ever more powerful voices from young and old alike.

Revealing stories is both our passion and our purpose.

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